General Department

To impart scientific knowledge ,Humanitarian values and professional ethics ,life skills to the diploma students to compete global competition
Dissemination of general subjects supporting to engineering branches and make every diploma student as employed by providing employability skills along with good communication skills.   Goals 1) To provide an experimental foundation for the theoretical concepts introduced in the lectures. It is important that students have an opportunity to verify some of the ideas for themselves. 2) To familiarize students with experimental apparatus, the scientific method, and methods of data analysis so that they will have some idea of the inductive process by which the ideas were originated. To eachhow to make careful experimental observations and how to think about and draw conclusions from such data. 3) To introduce the methods used for estimating and dealing with experimental uncertainties, including simple ideas in probability theory and the distinctions between random and systematic “errors”. This is essential in understanding what valid conclusions can be deduced from experimental data and that, property obtained, these conclusions are valid, notwithstanding the uncertainty of the data. 4) To learns how to write teaching report which communicates scientific information in a clear and concise manner. 5) To introduce new concepts and techniques which have a wide application in experimental science but have not been introduced in the standard course. These may require that the student consult additional text books.   Experiments: There is a large number of different equipment one can expect to find in a Physics Lab. The type and number of equipment will be different for a school lab as compared to a college lab. Here is a brief list of equipment and their uses/applications. Electrical equipment:- For the study of electricity and circuit: resistor, rheostat, circuit board, millimeter, voltmeter etc. Measurement Equipment: such as weighing balance (measuring weights), rules (measuring lengths), Vernier Calipers (length measurement) etc. Electrical equipment: For study of electricity and circuits resistors rheostat circuit board multi meter volt meter etc. Magnetic equipments: Compass magnets etc. Optics: Study of light: Prism, compass, microscope, spectrometer, lenses s etc Gravity: Study of gravity: Pendulum (measurement of time, period and acceleration due to gravity), Density ball etc. Wave and sound: Study of sound and waves and their properties: Tuning fork, vibration generator etc.

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English Communication skills lab

Our Events

Events of General Section

  1. Model polycet was conducted at this institute at April every year
  2. Free Polycet coaching is given April 2018
  3. Partcipated in mini spot valuation camp
  4. Conducted elocution essay writing competition on Engineers day
  5. Encourage the students to visit the library to improve the habit of Reading
  6. Participate in Janmaboomi Program every last Saturday for clean the surrounding and lead a healthy life.
  7. Imparting lectures on Professional ethics and moral and human values
  8. Organinsing Republic day programs like Essay writing ,Elocution and Quiz Competitions
  9. ODF survey has been done by our staff and students.